In city government, Oakland County, and Lansing, Chuck worked to hold down taxes, especially Granholm-era burdens on Michigan’s already hard-pressed job providers.  Simple, fair and efficient is Chuck’s motto, and reducing the burden wherever possible. The key to holding down tax hikes is holding down spending. Chuck led the budgeting battle to keep a lid on government spending.

“If people can’t keep what they earn and create, they’ll stop earning or creating—or go somewhere else to do it.” 



No one has unlimited money, and Lansing is no exception. Everybody knows a new roof has to come before landscaping. Money has been tight in Michigan for years. While in office, Chuck fought to hold the line on budgets while saving for a rainy day, to build infrastructure and to pay retiree benefits. As Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Chuck worked for common sense priorities.

“Fix the roof first.”



Michigan spends a great deal of money on those less fortunate. But every dollar comes from someone else’s pocket – folks who work hard to earn their paycheck, and may be in hard times as well. We owe it to all Michiganders to be good stewards of their money. We certainly should not waste or give their money to those who aren’t truly in need. Chuck has stood up for the principle that our social service system serves only those truly in need, and not government bureaucracies or cheats.

“We take hard-working people’s money, we owe it to them to spend it wisely.”


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