CHINA WATCH: Shanghai Powder Keg?

CHINA WATCH: Shanghai Powder Keg?

Shanghai’s 5th Avenue–the Bund–empty.

What’s going on in Shanghai? The PRC’s largest city–their New York–25 million people. The newest Covid variant, which is by all reports even more contagious and less lethal than the one before, has caused China to invoke its standard ‘Zero-Covid’ lockdown policy.

What’s Going on in Shanghai? – PJ Media

Nobody goes out, everybody confined to home, enforced by police, irregular “enforcers” and now soldiers. The only way to get food is through delivery service, and there’s no infrastructure for feeding 25 million under house arrest. People are hungry, restive. So Chinese army troops have been sent in, and the city is under virtual martial law.

Troops in the Subway.

This isn’t good. PRC China already has Hong Kong under lockdown, Sinkiang in 3rd Reich occupation, and now Shanghai. Even given the huge economic disruption, the idea of your largest city of 25 million hungry people, increasingly desperate, held down by army and police strikes me as an unstable situation. One thing history shows is that these tyrannies and autocracies always look bedrock strong until suddenly they’re not.

The Russian revolution started in St. Petersburg when a crowd of hungry people poured out into the streets and started marching for bread. The troops sent out didn’t shoot the crowd,

And that was the end of the Czar.

If the Chinese Communist Party faces something similar…well, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

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