No-bull Durham. The “Report on Matters Related to Intelligence Activities and Investigations Arising Out of the 2016 Presidential Campaign” is out. “Thriller” it’s not. The Durham Report is three years late, it pulls back from accusations, it’s long on perspective and short on legal accountability. But make no mistake, the Report is a bombshell. In plodding detail, it lays out what happened in 2016 and who did what. It’s all there, in detail.


–There was no Trump-Russia collusion. None. Zip, zero, nada.

–The Trump-Russia Collusion narrative was a Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign (HRCC) strategy.

–The Trump-Russia Collusion narrative was bought and paid for HRCC.

–Christopher Steele, an HRCC consultant, fabricated Trump-Russia Documents at the behest of the HRCC.

–Steele distributed and “leaked” made-up Trump-Russia documents to media and law enforcement alike, including the FBI.

–The FBI eagerly embraced the Steele Documents, ignoring their own safeguards, protocols and procedures, even though doubtful about Steele.

–This contrasts with the FBI’s actions investigating the Hillary Clinton Campaign for law violations in connection with her illegal home server and handling of classified documents, as well as legal issues with the Clinton Foundation. The FBI was acutely sensitive and “tippy-toed” around the Clinton issues.

–The FBI knew the HRCC had a plan (“The Clinton Plan”) to smear Trump, “stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.” The FBI knew that Steele was working for HRCC.

–In crude, double-standard contrast, the FBI barreled ahead to investigate Trump and his campaign, based on the Steele Documents in Operation “Crossfire Hurricane.”

–There was equally crude, open, bias against Trump on the part of the FBI personnel handing the issue. Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok were just two of the most open and egregious figures.

–The FBI ignored exculpatory evidence that would clear the Trump Campaign, and ignored the clear evidence of HRCC fingerprints on the very documents they used to investigate Trump.

–The White House knew of the Clinton Plan. On August 6, 2016, President Obama was briefed with Director Brennen, Vice President Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch (remotely.) Subject was the Clinton Plan.

              –The Obama Administration, Obama, Biden, the leadership of the Department of Justice and the FBI, all knew about both Hillary Clinton’s intent to concoct a scandal claiming Trump was colluding with Russia. They knew that the documents that they were relying to investigate Trump for collusion came from a paid-for Clinton consultant. They knew that the documents were likely bogus. They all had reason to want Trump to lose. President, Vice President (now President,) Attorney General, FBI.

–The investigations proceeded, the reports and dossiers were released to the media. “Trump-Russia-Collusion” became a Narrative line that is repeated to this day.


–There was no Trump-Russia Collusion. The issue was a dirty trick by Crooked Hillary


–The FBI behaved in corrupt and partisan manner, and cannot be trusted with the broad law enforcement powers it currently has.

–The bias, double standards, and ignoring its own professional safeguards was not merely the work of “a few bad apples” however highly placed. The rot extends downward through the organization.

–The FBI’s credibility is shattered. How can you trust anything it says about anything or anybody at all?

–The FBI and the Department of Justice must be held accountable, must be thoroughly reviewed, people must be tried and go to jail. The FBI itself may well have to be broken up, re-formed.


–The media largely jumped, credulously swallowed, and megaphoned the Trump-Russia Collusion line.

–See list below for partial names.

–These people have no credibility left at all. They and their news organizations are pure partisan bullshitters. As a whole, the media is seen now as beneath and beyond contempt, a despised adjunct to the Democratic Party. Media is a free market: choose whose content you want to consume. Let the others go die.


–Meh. Many have no credibility to lose. Many couldn’t care less. Check out the names: caveat emptor.


–Like the movie “Absence of Malice” says: “where do I go to get my reputation back?” Like Wilford Brimley said “Aint no one to see; wish there was.”

–“Where do I go to get my Administration back?” Funny you should mention that. Polls show Trump remains the 2024 Republican front-runner | CNN Politics

(Courtesy of The Federalist)

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