I found myself in an area middle school not long ago, and came upon a glass-fronted bulletin board. Actually, two, side by side. The left hand side featured a “Green Club” and it was all Eco-advocacy stuff. The other side was labelled “RIDE CLUB.” Either it was a joke, or they’d run out of Ps.

                It was clearly an official school Pride Club, and since “Pride” has been claimed, the way “gay” was fifty years ago, and the rainbow around forty, it comes as no surprise that the Club’s presentation was about just about every sexuality but hetero-. You can see the photo:

Lots of rainbows, flags, jolly graphics. Very warm, inclusive, accepting. Inviting? Evidently quite routine at the school: the (P)Ride Club, along with the Green Club, the Ski Club, the Chess Club. The very model of a modern public school building.  Diversity and inclusion, what’s not to like? I just have a few questions:

A: This is a Middle School. That means grades 6, 7, 8. These are kids, very young teens. This originated with Middle Schoolers? 11 years to 14-year-olds? No adults involved at all.

B: The left-hand flag: pink, blue, white. That’s transgender. Next to and co-equal to the familiar rainbow one.

C: Gender issues, identity, and transitioning are fraught enough for adults. What role is the school filling or trying to fill?

D: Personal confession of my views:

                –The sexuality of adults and between consenting adults is no one’s business but their own.

                –If a man wants to change his name and live as a woman, that’s OK with me—except for two areas: women’s sports and women’s spaces.

                –Same vice versa, except any female who wants to play in the guys’ league is welcome.

                –As for the crude chemical and surgical procedures to physically ‘change’ someone’s physical sex organs—that’s up to the adult involved. Who’s hopefully mentally competent.

E: I said adult. Leave the kids alone. Especially if you have to circumvent and deceive the child’s parents; that should be the reddest of red flags that you’re over the edge.

F: My advice to any person engaged in “gender affirming care” or in any way encouraging transsexuality in children: run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit now! now! now! If you’re involved in an organization providing this as a service, pull your organization out, or quit and run. Now. Yesterday.

G: My prediction: when the lawsuits on kids and transsexuality get started, it will make the asbestos litigation look puny. There may not be as many plaintiffs, but the reaction will be more intense.

H: It’s already beginning The Sex-Change Lawsuits Begin | Power Line (

                Don’t believe me? Imagine yourself sitting in a deposition room or in court. A young person stands up and points to pictures of their double mastectomy or a chart about the damage done by puberty blockers.

                “They told me I needed to do this. No, they didn’t want to tell my parents. And I was only 14.”

                Then someone points to you. And you say…what?

                While you’re at it, you can explain the flag in your middle school.

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