How You Can Contribute

I cannot do this alone, I need your help! A few dollars from supporters like you will go a long way during my campaign. Thank you.


Chuck's Commitment

Chuck is no stranger to the public eye. His continued involvement in state and local politics is unparalleled as is his dedication to the residents of his district. Read More

The 13th State Senate District

The 13th Senate district encompasses most of the southeast portion of Oakland County. This district has always been represented by upstanding conservatives with sensible solutions for Michigan, and it is my goal to continue in their footsteps.

A History of Common Sense


Attract Jobs 

Like you, I’ve seen my kids leave Michigan to find work. Michigan is finally starting to bounce back but we need to keep the ball rolling! Stop picking winners and losers, just reduce costs and burdens across the board so every business stands a fair chance. We need to prove to the country that Michigan is a place where generations of families can prosper.


Keep Spending Under Control

You deserve a government that can control its costs and live within its means. Families and businesses do it all the time. I am proud to say that I helped balance the budget in Lansing on time and get our long term costs under control. As improvements continue to be made, we need to put money away for a rainy day and remain vigilant with our spending.


Make the Classroom our Top Priority

For too long we spent state money on windmills, car batteries, or too much on administration and benefits, while the number of dollars going into schools and teachers dwindled. It is now time that we invest in our children’s learning. Kids in Michigan deserve a top-notch education, not excuses.



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