LIBERTY VODKA: A Public Service

LIBERTY VODKA: A Public Service

In World War 1, everything German got so unpopular in America that folks renamed sauerkraut “liberty cabbage.” Today, folks are so mad at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that they’re taking out their anger by pouring out bottles of Stoli as Bad ‘Russian’ Vodka. However, mistakes are being made!

Nyet Russkie!

Stolnichaya isn’t Russian. It’s Latvian. If you feel the urge to join in pouring it out, don’t! Send it to me instead.

LIBERTY VODKAS: Good non-Russian spirits.

–Ketel One: Product of Holland.

I drink this because Gordie Howe told me to!

–Grey Goose: Product of France.

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Pas de Russie!

–Sobieski: Product of Poland.

Proudly Polska!

–Two James: Product of Detroit.

Motor City Martini

–Northern Latitudes Horseradish Vodka: Product of Northern Michigan, perfect for Bloody Marys.

Great Lake State!

–Titos: Product of Texas

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Nostrovia, y’all!

The list is by no means exclusive, as a public service will be updated!

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