PRODUCT LIABILITY: Trump-Russia Explained, Hunter’s Laptop, and What To Do.

PRODUCT LIABILITY: Trump-Russia Explained, Hunter’s Laptop, and What To Do.

Faulty Merchandise!

                Product Liability. You’ve heard that legal term: if somebody sells you something defective, they owe you damages. If you buy a car and it doesn’t work, you can get your money back and damages beside. Reputable manufacturers recall their mistakes. If the grocery store sells poisoned meat, they get closed down until recertified clean. The objective is accountability for the seller and trust that products are what they’re claimed to be.

                What about news? It’s a different matter for those selling the product of information. We have a Constitutional 1st Amendment that guarantees people’s right to say what they think. If NBC or CNN or the New York Times tells you snow is caused by rainbow unicorns, they have every right to do it. For accountability, we rely on the customers to decide whether they want to continue buying that particular seller’s product. Reputation is everything, credibility is all they really have to sell. Outside of defamation and criminal action, we leave it to the free market to determine liability for bad product.

                We have two big information products sold us recently, both hugely important, both involving President Donald Trump. One is the Russia-Trump Collusion story. Two is the Hunter Biden Laptop. Both involved national politics. Russia-Collusion was used hyped from the rooftops by our Information industry, to hinder President Trump’s administration, prosecute his appointees, and impeach him—twice. Hunter Biden’s Laptop was an explosive story that could have derailed Joe Biden’s successful Presidential campaign to unseat Trump—but was sat on and buried by the Information Industry and media, who told us the story was false.

                We now know these products were defective.


                The Russia-Trump Collusion story begam with a dossier, a report from Brit Christopher Steele. Remember the Steele Dossier claimed that Russian Secret Service had files of Trump and prostitutes, urinating on a bed. This supposedly had Trump blackmailed by Putin.  The Steele Dossier was given to the FBI, which used it to open an investigation of candidate Trump. The FBI’s acceptance of the dossier was then used as the news hook to break the story by our media, which barraged it for years. Critic: Durham indictment ‘bad news’ for dossier believers (

                Special Prosecutor John Durham has now indicted Igor Danchenko, for making lying to the FBI about making up the story and giving it to Steele. He has also indicted Michael Sussman, a lawyer for the Perkins Coie law firm, for lying about the dossier. Perkins Coie represents the Democratic National Committee, and is a de facto arm of the Democratic Party, as well as the 2020 Hillary Clinton Campaign. The Durham Indictments Are Exposed & Explained – White House Wire

                Durham has referred to “PR Executive 31” in Danchenko’s indictment. This guy is emerging as one Charles Dolan, a Clinton campaign operative. Durham’s latest indictment: More lines drawn to Clinton’s campaign | TheHill

                So, Dolan and the Hillary campaign fabricated the opposition hit dossier, gave it to Danchenko who gave it to Steele. Perkins Coie paid Steele for the dossier. Sussman took the dossier to the FBI. James Comey, then FBI Director fought to include the dossier allegations, which lower-level FBI folks has been skeptical, to use in a warrant to spy on Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Steele got the dossier to David Kramer, an aide to Senator John McCain. McCain independently sent it to the FBI.  But Kramer leaked the dossier to the website Buzzfeed. Once out, everybody jumped and blatted it all over the world. David Kramer spread Steele dossier around Washington during Trump transition – Washington Times.


Clinton Campaign writes the “dossier.” The Campaign and Perkins Coie send to Danchenko.

Danchenko to Steele.

Steele to Sussman, Steele to McCain & Kramer.

Sussman and McCain to the FBI. Comey runs with it.

Kramer to Buzzfeed, and the media world.

GOT IT? The Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton Campaign made up a nasty story, and took it through a convoluted pipeline to front page news. Everybody who ran with the Trump-Russia Collusion story got punked—either credulously or willingly. The story is—technical term: bullshit.

Has anyone retracted, corrected, and apologized? I’m waiting.


                This one is simple: President Biden’s son Hunter, left a laptop computer at a New York repair shop. He didn’t pick it up, and the shop took it for the bill. Upon looking at the hard drive, it turned out the laptop “contained a trove of emails, text messages, photos and financial documents between Hunter Biden, his family and business associates — detailing how the president’s son used his political leverage in his overseas business dealings.” Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop confirmed in New York Times report (

                One of the more infamous passages stated that a certain percentage had to go to “The Big Guy,” meaning Joe Biden. The Hunter Biden business dealings included Russia and the Ukraine. This nasty tale of influence peddling came during the 2020 Presidential election. Now given the universal howling about Trump-Russia, you’d think this would be top news. Nope.

                American media put the kibosh on discussion. Spokesperson Jen Psaki called it “Russian disinformation.” Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would not share the links, and deactivated the New York Post—which broke the story—accounts. Then the story disappeared. Biden won, barely.

                Oops! Now Federal prosecutors are investigating Hunter, and he’s just made a $1 million payment to the IRS for taxes owed. The New York Times just veery belatedly covered the news. Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, but Federal Investigation Goes On – The New York Times (

                But retraction? Correction? Apology? Nope. Biden’s in the White House—it worked!  And Facebook Twitter, Instagram? Not a peep. Nothing to see… let’s talk about the Oscars!

When Bob’s YoYo’s sells you a defective yoyo, you take it back and he apologizes, gives you your money back and maybe a new yoyo. When the grocery story sells you bad food, it fesses up, refunds your money, cleans up the bins. But when media and information companies sell you BS, then what?

                In this country, it’s up to you. I’d suggest treating media and information companies as you would any other seller. If they sell bad stuff, cut ‘em off. Refuse to buy from them anymore.

                My suggestion: anybody who pushed Russia-Trump Collusion, and poo-poohed the Hunter Biden Laptop story—who does not right now upfront admit they were wrong, retract the story, correct, and apologize—is no longer worthy of being listened to. Turn ‘em off. Pay them no more mind. They’re done.

                These guys really have nothing to sell but their credibility. And that, my friends is gone. If they’ll sell bad info on these matters, why would you trust them on Hollywood gossip or home improvement? Just shrug and walk away. That’s how it works in a free society. They have a 1st Amendment to sling their baloney, and we have a right not to buy it.

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