THREE GOOD BLOGS: Russia-Ukraine War

THREE GOOD BLOGS: Russia-Ukraine War

Like everyone else, I’m always looking for a few good sources: news, analysis, stuff I can trust. Since I don’t buy the product of any media or information outlet totally, I’m on the hunt for proven reliable sites. Once Drudge was my go-to. but those days are done. Over the course of the Russ-Uke War, I’ve found three blogs to be particularly valuable.

FIRST: I’ve found the Institute for the Study of War website has been the best source for Russ-Uke war news and analysis. Updated nearly every day, it’s a great place to read a good take on what’s going on militarily. The latest update Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 22 | Institute for the Study of War ( shows the Russians altering some tactics, but still bogged down. ISW is a go-to for me.

SECOND: I like Lawrence Person’s Battleswarm Blog for military news. It’s Libertarian-leaning and very anti-Biden Administration and Democratic Party, so you can take those posts as well if that’s your cup of tea. If not, skip them to the military stuff.

THIRD: Austin Bay’s Strategy Page. The great Austin Bay is a retired US Army Colonel, author, syndicated columnist, pundit, and all-around source for all things military. Together with Ace Analyst and Gaming God James F. Dunnigan James F. Dunnigan (, he’s been crunching numbers for the Quick and Dirty Guide to War series for 40 years. I always check Strategy Page every other day or so, for military and geopolitical info. Highly reccomended, as well as Bay’s own website: Austin Bay | author, columnist, historian.

NO ONE–and I mean, no ONE– should take all their news and information from any one source. For the Russ-Uke War, and military stuff in general, these are three good, readable, understandable sources. If you think you’ve got better ones—tell me what they are and maybe I’ll add em in and give you credit.

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